Divine Gluten Free

What is Divine Gluten Free?

A site that is changing the face of Gluten Free recipes and cooking. We offer real recipes with real flavor for everyone to enjoy. We don't believe that you should have to give up flavor, or compromise anything just because you have to (or chose to) eat gluten free.
We offer the option to purchase one, or several recipes. Why buy a cook book when you can purchase just the recipes you want?

Please review the recipes after you try them - it will help us continue to develop the recipes and give future users insight on what they can look forward to.

What is the difference with your recipes and other ones out there?

Our recipes are either original recipes, or adapted from traditional recipes. I have found that a lot of the recipes that are out there in gluten free cook books remove a lot of items that don't need to be- or add in other odd ingredients. I don't want to compromise the taste of recipes.

How long do these recipes take to make?

It really depends on the recipe- but some are quick and easy and others are a bit more complex. When possible I will try to note this in the blog description of the recipe. We know there are days that quick and easy recipes are a better option. I will try to provide a large variety of recipes and difficulty levels.

Why Gluten Free?

In 2006, symptoms I was having since childhood took a turn for the worse. My stomach pains had forced them to remove my gallbladder the year before. I broke out in a head-to-toe rash and I was always fatigued. I was in an extremely competitive design studio, so a solution needed to be found. The rash wasn't responding to steroids, and they didn't have an answer as to why.

After extensive testing, my doctor was baffled. It wasn't until his Physicians Assistant suggested Celiacs Disease, that we even considered eliminating gluten from my system. The doctor did the test and it came back negative, but since the steroids were still not working  he thought taking gluten out of my diet might help.

It was almost immediately after I took gluten out of my diet that my symptoms started to clear up. The doctor sent me to get an Upper  G-I test- and it also came back negative. This could be because I had been completely gluten free for six months at the time of the test, so I may have been healed up internally.Since I was offically a "double negative" on the celiacs testing, my doctor continued to think that gluten was not the issue, but instead told me "If it makes if you feel better, just keep avoiding gluten."

So after a couple years of being gluten free, and being frustrated with the current mass produced, flavorless selections, I decided to find a solution for the things I had been missing. I started out with things I was use to- and things I had not been able to have for years. I made a recipe for Cream of Mushroom Soup- found a way to portion it off to use later. I was able to have recipes and things I had been missing. I was hooked... If I could find a solution for that- what else could I find?

What experience do you have in the kitchen?

I don't have any professional experience in the kitchen- except a few week stint in the fast food business when I was 15. But I have been in the kitchen since I could hold a spoon. My mother always had my sister and I helping her out making baked good, dinner or whatever we could help with. I made my first dinner for the family when I was 7, lasagna- and instant hit since I piled on the cheese.

As I got older I spent more time in the kitchen, making dinner for the family and later myself. Co-workers loved when I was stressed out, tired, or sick because I would bake as a comfort. I would bring in the majority of the food since I didn't want to eat it as much as I wanted to make it.

Cooking always has been something fun for me - I spend hours in the kitchen to make holiday treats, or a nice dinner. Sometimes it's just throwing something together that is quick and tastes good. But I refuse to give up cooking becuase I can't have one or two ingredients in a recipe.

Our Kitchen

We have a small kitchen. We don't have a dishwasher, and we don't have a garbage disposal. I don't think the size of the kitchen impacts how you make food. It's the effort you are willing to put in it, and the care you want to use. The majority of the kitchen tools I use aren't the top of the line. 

I try to make the recipes as accessible as possible, using equipment that most people can afford. The size of your kitchen doesn't matter!